Jeremy’s First Wrestling Meet

Up at 6 am on a Sunday…Off to Escalon, CA at 7:15 am and sign ins for Jeremy’s first wrestling meet 8:15 am.

We had a lot of fun Jeremy warmed up with his team before hitting the mat for his two matches. The first one was not a win, but he did amazing for this being his first meet against kids who have been wrestling for years. His coach was impressed at his skill and how well he kept up. His second match went so well we were bummed he didn’t have a third!

Uncle Danny and Aunt Jana brought Mr. Ayden to watch.

Jeremy loved all the good advise given by his aunt and uncle!

Can’t wait for the next meet!

After wrestling we headed home for dinner with the fam! Put the kiddos to bed and watched the Last Excorsism – It was lame! It was filmed Blair Witch style and cut the ending short…Booo!

It was a nice evening though…And Now Back to MONDAY Madness!

All our love…



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