Catching Up!

This is so late! Jacob’s class and the other 4/5 grade classes had a tailgate party the Friday before the Superbowl. The kids have been doing Quarterback Math – where they take the scores from their teams and conquer math problems.

It was a fun day, tons of food and a ton of dessert! After they had their picnic they played a fun game of football. Jacob jammed his finger, it was swollen and bruised – but healed pretty quick.

Life has been a whirlwind for us lately here is a peek into our busy schedule

* Baseball: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

* Lacrosse: Tuesday, Thursdays, Saturdays

* Wrestling: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

On top of the boys busy schedule I am still pursuing my business degree, opened up shop in Alamo – at the Bay Area Wedding Alliance, and have been networking my butt off which means I am not home often anymore! Starting this Friday we have our favorite baby boy Ayden until Nana and Poppie can find a new home for GG.

I may follow suit with a busy friend and hire a personal assistant!

All our love!




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