The Marine Science Institute

It was a perfect day for being on a boat in the Bay. I am so glad Jacob got to experience this fun field trip. Jacob has about 6 or 7 more field trips this year. What a great start to the school year!

We got to the Marine Science Institute and had lunch before heading onto the boat at 1PM. The kids were separated into groups and sent to four different stations. The first for Jacob’s group was the mud pull. They boat scooped up mud from the bottom of the bay, they rinsed the mud and put the creatures into the save bucket. They scored Round Worms, Crabs, Sponges, and a huge Conche (snail intact!).

They then skimmed the water with a net. They got a Flat fish, Anchovies, Shrimp and some smaller fish that looked like rolly pollys!

The Third station was where they picked up krill and observed them in a microscope. And finally using the same water they measured the salt density of the water for the fourth and final station.

Jacob was really in his element! Maybe he will be a marine biologist…

~All our love~


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