February 50/50…

Where did February GO!?? February started out great, hit a rough patch, and is starting the upward climb to start March off on a good note.

We had fun with friends at Haps for Deanna’s Bday celebration. I got a super cute mini, which I love – I miss driving the tahoe on the sheer selfishness of a smooth ride and not having to use a stick – I can be lazy…

Then Bam! Right smack in the middle of February…A weird flu strain. Jake and I were sick for 2 weeks. Which for me caused my wisdom tooth to go bazurk, getting that baby pulled just as soon as I get rid of this cough! Yay antibiotics….For Jake, it was over just in time for his trip to pigeon point! They had a ton of fun – hopefully I will get more pictures soon.

Jake signed up for outdoor adventure club, he loves the outdoors (I have no idea where he got that from…) Its a lottery system, he had to write and essay and it will be pulled from a hat. Only 6 girls and 6 boys will be able to attend…Crossing my fingers for the guy – he is super excited!

~ Rochelle



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