Today I Wore a Suit

Today started out like any first week of the new year…Cleaning and Organizing! HA! That will likely last into the second week of the new year. However I will be TRYING to change my ways, and like most people I had to seek out a professional…in the form of a book…which I hope to actually finish…

Here it is…

So far it’s a pretty interesting read. Instead of a traditional organizing book that tells you where to put stuff and how to lay it out, this book talks about your habits and WHY you are unorganized in the first place. I am actually learning a lot.

Moving on the the suit…

I have not worn a suit in probably four years. Owning your own business and working in a casual environments lends to the happy feeling of jeans and tank tops. But, I had a “real” job interview and had to be presentable. Can I just get a heck yea for having the since to buy smart traditional business suits instead of trendy ones? I had a lot to choose from and I didn’t at all feel out of date wearing them again after 5 years! Now let’s just hope it helps win over my potential employers!


and there you have it, the suit…



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