How about a little consistency, huh?


Well, I am obviously no good at being consistent. But, here it is anyway — I will try to be better, I mean it HAS only been five months instead of the average twelve to sixteen month span…JK.

Anyway as you either know or not, I am getting married August 3rd and above are the awesome bridal shower flowers (love)! I will share the bridal shower pics sometime this weekend? There is a lot more to catch up on as you will be able to see below…


Jake got glasses – now we are twinsies! He looks so cute in glasses too!


Jake also now goes to see an acupuncturist for his allergies, which by the way is amazing and totally works!


We got reunited with some amazing friends for their sons graduation from HS – Can you believe how fast time flies!?


Hung out with the fam in Santa Cruz – Maybe should have worn shorts babe!


My oldest little boy graduated from Jr. High! High school next year! Oh boy!


Jake had a birthday and is an official tween!


We got a visit from Kaylee B and Darrian. Love those little babes!

I will post Ryan’s Tuff Mudder adventure in Tahoe tomorrow :0)

Happy Adventures…Here is to being more consistent…


Playing Catch Up….

Sooo January 12….Save the Date photo shoot in San Francisco! Our photographer scoped out some pretty sweet spots!



428200_10200373665882619_694079578_nIf you get a chance you can check out more of her work Here.

— Next…


Adrianes Birthday Party! We all had massages (so sorry – no pictures) ┬áBut it was relaxing for sure!

— And then…


My super BA Maid of Honor took me to dinner — Santana Row…Food was eh…But next time new place! (errr again no pics — must get better at that)

— Finally….


Ok…So these were the SIX I kinda narrowed it down to…However…I may need to look a couple more places….

Dresses 1-3 Dresses 4-6

Keep in mind that it will be in August AND I am sure it will be hot! But I really like #3 on top and #2 on bottom. What do you guys think?

After wedding dress shopping we all came back to my house for some Superbowl action! So sad that our 49rs didn’t win…but I think I am even more disappointed in the commercials! What happened to all the AMAZING commercials!? Alas, we had fun…and then…DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN — I got the flu! Slightly better now…

Well now we are all caught up lets see if I can keep up from now on — Oh! I will have to post about the yummy bread I made and the even yummier rice pudding I can smell coming from my crock pot right now!






Thanksgiving {Part 2}

This was our fist attempt to take a family picture using the timer on my camera. you should have seen how rediculous we were. I was trying so hard not to laugh till I cried at the site of us running to the couch to get into position. LOL

We had family and friends over to help us celebrate – we had so much fun and are so grateful for such a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ryan sets a mean table as well!

~love Rochelle

Catch up…

We had a lot of fun boo-ing our friends and neighbors! Dad drove, I navigated and the boys did the dinging and the ditching…

We took a drive to Santa Cruz on Sunday! We had a lot of fun. The weather was perfect, unfortunately the ocean was contaminated and the boys were bummed. No body surfing for them!

Happy Halloween! Jacob is still in elementary school so they had their traditional Halloween Parade, so many cute costumes!

Jacob was Freddy Kruger and Jeremy was Wilfred…Cute! We got lots of trick or treaters this year! Last year we got one…
Well you are all caught up!
~Love The Heinz Family

Date Night…

Last night we dropped the boys off at Nana and Poppies for a “date night”! We met our friend Lisa and Chap at Citrus in Santana Row for dinner. The drinks were great – The food – not so much! I am more than sure we will not be back there again!

Then we headed over to the VBar for drinks – our Friends Eryn and Sonia met us there. Dan and Jana came out for a fun festive night as well.

I love “Date Night”!


Last weekend of freedom…

Saturday we headed out to Tracy for some fun. A couple of our friends kid’s were having a birthday party. The kids jumped, played games and hit the pinata!

The adults got to catch up on old times. This is a group of Ryan’s friends that he has known since high school! It is crazy to hear all their stories, how far they have come and how they are on their way to more!

After the party we headed home for some relaxing. We kept Janae overnight and brought her to church with us on Sunday. That girl cracks me up!

We had a nice lunch after church, relaxed, Dan came over to pick up Janae so we got to play with the Snoof a little. Ryan went to the gym and when he got back we watched the movie RED – I love John Malcovich he is hilarious!

Early to bed – ready for our week to start…

All our love…