A Weekend Round – Up


We started our weekend with a birthday dinner for Uncle Danny.


Jeremy made it back safe and sound from an RV trip with Nana and Poppie while Jake was a going away party for one of his dear buds – maybe he will send me a pic to share – but don’t hold your breath!


We had our tasting on Sunday evening – the wine was awesome – the salmon was to die – the filet was good but what filet isn’t and the risotto was eh – but we had a lot of fun and there may or may not have been mention of someone being a crack pipe short of someone else!


We still had to run to the store and pick up some essentials for the work week. So, why not take advantage of the free blood pressure test…all good…whew!


Finally – Here is a picture of the venue – before…

Happy adventures all!


Yikes Neglectful Already!

Wow, my posting resolution is getting away from me! Nothing exciting to report really…Meeting with DJ for wedding on Friday, Engagement (save the date) photo shoot Saturday (can’t wait to share)…and did I mention I jacked up my back and am on 1200mg of ibuprofen a day, per doctors orders? WAAAAAA!

On a happier not I got my ceramic fruit containers for the fridge…Soooooo pretty! I found them at Sur la Table, they also have a ceramic egg holder, love, love, love!

ceramic fruit


Christmas Tree Pick Up

Our boys are boy scouts, meaning not of the conventional they are amazing and handy kinda way, meaning they are part of a boy scout troop. This will hopefully make them amazing and handy some day. Well as part of their service work they pick up curbed Christmas trees. The process is simple, people call in, they make a donation, scouts pick up the tree. Seems simple enough. However, this year they were not as organized as they could have been…One group left at noon and The last group got done at 7:30PM! My oldest was in the group that was completed by noon. My younger son was in the group that was done at 7:30PM! That means my 11 year old was loading Christmas trees and unloading them at the dumps for a full 12 hour work day. For his efforts he got a yummy steak dinner! I now hope that he appreciates the things others do for work every day! My oldest son will hopefully learn that lesson soon as well!

jake boy scouts

jerm boy scouts


Flowers, Homemade Tortillas, and Getting Out of Chores

Roses 01.02.13

Yay flowers! Its always a sweet surprise when my love brings home flowers for me ;0) They are super beautiful, they are orange, yellow and bright pink. Very pretty combo!

HomeMade Tortillas 01.02.13

Yep, this my friends is the first attempt at homemade tortillas…Looks like store bought tortillas, tastes like store bought tortillas, not as flexible as store bought tortillas…could have been because I do not currently own a rolling pin, so to make them thinner I had to improvise and used a wine bottle. Ahhhh Wine, always there when I need it!

I got the recipe from Pinterest. like I said, tasted great, and would have probably been better had I not used a wine bottle to roll them out…Anyway here is the recipe…

3 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 cup hot water

combine ingredients, take small pieces and roll out into circles (mine were about 3 inch rolls and made 10 tortillas). Preheat a cast iron skillet (no oil needed as long as your pan is well seasoned) place tortilla on hot pan until small bubble puff come up then flip over! Thats it! Super easy stuff!

Tech Museum 01.02.13

My boys are now teenagers, which means hanging out with nana and poppy is not on their list of top priorities. So they were not thrilled when that had to go to the “stupid” tech museum, they had lots of video games on their agenda! SOOOOO, being the supportive and understanding mom I am, I made a deal with them (you are not supposed to make deals with your children….blah, blah, blah). I told them that if they found one thing they liked at the museum, took a picture and gave me a reason why they like it then they didn’t have to do your chores today. No more whining and they were actually excited to go. Now they are safely tucked in their rooms…playing video games.


Boys Photo Project {1}

::Jeremy’s Photo::

::Jacob’s Photo::

A lot of the photos they took for this project were blurry (they thought it was a race), so these were two of the better ones. Hopefully next time we can slow it down a little.

Keeping it together…

Here is a picture of my new office space! I love it! it is beautiful and is located in Alamo at the Peasants Courtyard!

Between picking up business and life – Its hard keeping it together!

This weekend…

Friday: Braces (part 2), BBQ with Lani – a working dinner, Pick up 2 birthday presents and the rest of Jeremy’s b-day stuff, party favors

Saturday: Wrestling meet, 2 baseball games, lacrosse, birthday party, chairs for Sunday’s brunch

Sunday: Brunch at the office, Lacrosse, Cabernet sports center, birthday party, supplies for spring styles event on Monday

I don’t know how I am gonna keep it all together…


Catching up on the weeks activities – We went to Benihanas for Stevens going away lunch and guess what? It was Ryan’s UNbirthday! Steven made it to Okinawa, Japan yesterday and will spend a year there before going off to Afghanistan.

Jacob and Jeremy went to snow camp and while there Jacob got a form of frost bite on his ankles. Burn cream and bandages twice a day…errr

Finally – the boys got their braces on! It is a little painful and hard for them to eat a lot of foods. Their teeth will be sore for a few days and we are going back to the dentist Friday for the spacers to be removed and the brackets to be put in.

And I think that wraps it up….

All out love

What a Week!

Found out that Jacob is on the U11 Lacrosse blast team, Jeremy will be playing for the Mets again this year and they are both getting braces next month! Both boys were home sick this week and if you have kids, you know that when they are sick NOTHING gets done! I am so freakin behind on house chores and work chores – If there was ever a time I needed Zola – this week would be it!

This weekend is a 3 day weekend in which we will be catching up on homework, chores and missed lessons. We do a get a happy break to meet friends at Skipolinis pizza in Walnut Creek tomorrow…then back to the grind!