Knuckles Deep

Here is the DH doing Tuff Mudder in Tahoe last week – They had a lot of fun and my brother-in-law made this video using his go pro. He did an awesome job editing it!

Enjoy! What adventures are you up to this summer?



Jacob is loving lacrosse. He loves it even more now that they have put him in as goalie! He is still learning but we are happy that he has finally found a sport he loves. It is a fairly short season so his last game is the 15th of May. He is super bummed, but excited about the end of season party!  We definitely cannot wait until next season – it is one of our new favorite sports!


Jeremy had a great wrestling season. I don’t know that he will want to do it again next year, he is a little burnt out on it right now. He won second place in the last meet of the season and even got a metal (which he refused to pose with) but I did get to snap this picture of Proud Dad with even Prouder Son!

The following day he was sick so he missed out on finals, but if he likes it and wants to continue there is always next year.

I must say as a side note that wrestling is not a favorite sport for us, if you have never been to a meet it is in all day event! Usually in a packed arena with no place to sit and it smells like boys dirty socks! Ewww!

Baseball is still in session so look for more Sports with Jeremy soon.

All our love…


Baseball is underway…Due to all the rain we have had a total of 2 games so far. The last game the weather was perfect. Not too hot and not too cold, and the sun was shining. Jeremy won his game 7-5 and had lots of fun being back in the game. Jacob’s team lost (not sure what the final score was) but I think Jake is over baseball – he is excelling in Lacrosse and he loves it. Hopefully the rain will go away soon and we will be able to enjoy many more games this season in sunshine…


Lacrosse Game

Jacob missed his first lacrosse game for Snow Camp with our church. So this was his first game of the season at Bishop O’Dowed in Oakland. Jacob is not a super aggressive kid so we were impressed on how well he played. He could definitely stand to be a little more aggressive. Jacob’s team lost – but the other team was amazing!! The school was beautiful and we lucked out with the weather as well. Our game today was canceled due to rain. Cant wait for the next game!

Lacrosse Gear

Jacob is so excited to start Lacrosse since we got his gear he hasn’t wanted to put the stick down! He even wore his gear home from the store…</p.

He needed new cleats again this year. His feet grew to a 4.5 – it would be nice if he could wear at least 1 set of cleats 2 years in a row!

All Our Love…