Knuckles Deep

Here is the DH doing Tuff Mudder in Tahoe last week – They had a lot of fun and my brother-in-law made this video using his go pro. He did an awesome job editing it!

Enjoy! What adventures are you up to this summer?


Early Thanksgiving

We had an early Thanksgiving at my Sister-In-Laws in Fernley, NV just outside of Reno. Going over the hill was scary – we drove right through a crazy blizzard! I have never been in an actual snow storm! We made it alive!

It was really great to see Lisa and Russ! We always have a good time! Ryan said the Wal-Mart in Fernley is awesome.They went to check out some guns and stuff.

Lisa and I stayed home to keep warm and watch some TVĀ  while the boys went to shoot a little and do some 4wheelin’. It was a true “red-neck” thanksgiving. When they boys got back we had some drinks, ate some dinner and played rock band till the wee hours of the night. Fun was had by all!

Thursday I will be cooking with the help of my brother in law, sister in law, and some dear friends of ours. The kids are really looking forward to seeing their cousins. Maybe we will even be blessed with a visit from our nephew here on break from the Marines.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

~love Rochelle


We soooo need a vacation! I would love to go here…Maybe since it will be an early spring we can go before the summer break. I mean – doesn’t this look and sound AMAZING!?

Their description: Although only 22 miles from Seattle and even closer to Bellevue, THP is worlds away from the chaos of the city. Towering trees draped in green moss, cozy treehouses, and a professional and welcoming staff all combine to create an experience like no other.


The quiet, the hiking, the relaxing…

All our love…

Muir Woods

Jake’s friend Shane slept over Friday night and we woke up early to get to Muir woods when they opened at 8am. At first it was freezing – but we quickly warmed up. About a mile up the hill we realized the trail did not loop so we had to go back.

We had a little snack and took another path. We had lunch at in and out yummmmy! Dropped off Shane and got ready to meet friends at Skipolinis Pizza in Walnut Creek. We brought along the boys bud Jack.

It was good pizza and fun atmosphere.

Ryan an I had a quiet and early evening because the boys stayed over at Jacks.