Today I Wore a Suit

Today started out like any first week of the new year…Cleaning and Organizing! HA! That will likely last into the second week of the new year. However I will be TRYING to change my ways, and like most people I had to seek out a professional…in the form of a book…which I hope to actually finish…

Here it is…

So far it’s a pretty interesting read. Instead of a traditional organizing book that tells you where to put stuff and how to lay it out, this book talks about your habits and WHY you are unorganized in the first place. I am actually learning a lot.

Moving on the the suit…

I have not worn a suit in probably four years. Owning your own business and working in a casual environments lends to the happy feeling of jeans and tank tops. But, I had a “real” job interview and had to be presentable. Can I just get a heck yea for having the since to buy smart traditional business suits instead of trendy ones? I had a lot to choose from and I didn’t at all feel out of date wearing them again after 5 years! Now let’s just hope it helps win over my potential employers!


and there you have it, the suit…



A Visit and Lacrosse

We had a wonderful weekend! We got to have a visit with Grandma Margo, Aunt Laurie and Uncle Jim. It was nice to visit with family for a while. We even got to witness Jim sing his heart out on some karaoke!

Before we went to visit family, Jake had a lacrosse game. Poor guys lost 15-2! It just wasn’t their day!

Sunday we got to head up to Mill Valley for Jeremy’s game – he scored an amazing goal – his first of the season! He did awesome!

Lots planned for this week and weekend…Not sure when we will get a break, but we love it!


February 50/50…

Where did February GO!?? February started out great, hit a rough patch, and is starting the upward climb to start March off on a good note.

We had fun with friends at Haps for Deanna’s Bday celebration. I got a super cute mini, which I love – I miss driving the tahoe on the sheer selfishness of a smooth ride and not having to use a stick – I can be lazy…

Then Bam! Right smack in the middle of February…A weird flu strain. Jake and I were sick for 2 weeks. Which for me caused my wisdom tooth to go bazurk, getting that baby pulled just as soon as I get rid of this cough! Yay antibiotics….For Jake, it was over just in time for his trip to pigeon point! They had a ton of fun – hopefully I will get more pictures soon.

Jake signed up for outdoor adventure club, he loves the outdoors (I have no idea where he got that from…) Its a lottery system, he had to write and essay and it will be pulled from a hat. Only 6 girls and 6 boys will be able to attend…Crossing my fingers for the guy – he is super excited!

~ Rochelle


That Bar with Melody and Bill

ThatBar is a dueling piano bar – so fun and is always crowded!! We had a nice dinner at Piattis in Danville, then headed over to TB!

It was super fun ~ Probably would have been better (for me) had I not been getting over this stupid cold! Cant wait for the next time!

~ Rochelle


Disneyland – {take two}

A few years ago we took the boys to Disneyland and it was a miserable experience! Our fault – we went Christmas Day – bad idea!

So we wanted to go back and do it right (so the boys would eventually take their kids their one day). It was a ton of fun. We flew there, which actually was not better than driving. Next time we will drive.

We got lots of pictures of the boys with characters – mostly against their will – except for the trooper which the liked. Pinocchio and the others not so much.

Funnest rides were…Space Mountain and Paradise Pier. The boys also loved the tower of horror though. The water rides were also pretty awesome!

So glad we gave it a second chance!


All Moved In – Still Not Settled!

Where have I been?!! Moving! We are finally all moved in! BUT…wait for it…Our garage is full of unpacked boxes WAAAAAAA!!! I could take pictures and post them here – but I wont. Because you all will turn me in to the hoarders show! LOL – This weekend we will be cleaning it out – and it will suck but I know my honey will make me some margaritas to make me feel better ;0)

Plus, I will have a lot to write about this month…The Marine Bay Field Trip, GNO, Karina’s Birthday, Halloween Parties and Trick or Treating! See you soon!


~ Rochelle

2011 Alameda County Fair

The fair was ok – A little boring for the boys – I think they are in the middle stage of its either for kids too little or kids too big. They rode a couple of rides – we hunted for cousins ID – we found it at the animal hat guys place…Ate corndogs and we were out!