Christmas Tree Pick Up

Our boys are boy scouts, meaning not of the conventional they are amazing and handy kinda way, meaning they are part of a boy scout troop. This will hopefully make them amazing and handy some day. Well as part of their service work they pick up curbed Christmas trees. The process is simple, people call in, they make a donation, scouts pick up the tree. Seems simple enough. However, this year they were not as organized as they could have been…One group left at noon and The last group got done at 7:30PM! My oldest was in the group that was completed by noon. My younger son was in the group that was done at 7:30PM! That means my 11 year old was loading Christmas trees and unloading them at the dumps for a full 12 hour work day. For his efforts he got a yummy steak dinner! I now hope that he appreciates the things others do for work every day! My oldest son will hopefully learn that lesson soon as well!

jake boy scouts

jerm boy scouts