A Weekend Round – Up


We started our weekend with a birthday dinner for Uncle Danny.


Jeremy made it back safe and sound from an RV trip with Nana and Poppie while Jake was a going away party for one of his dear buds – maybe he will send me a pic to share – but don’t hold your breath!


We had our tasting on Sunday evening – the wine was awesome – the salmon was to die – the filet was good but what filet isn’t and the risotto was eh – but we had a lot of fun and there may or may not have been mention of someone being a crack pipe short of someone else!


We still had to run to the store and pick up some essentials for the work week. So, why not take advantage of the free blood pressure test…all good…whew!


Finally – Here is a picture of the venue – before…

Happy adventures all!


Thanksgiving {Part 2}

This was our fist attempt to take a family picture using the timer on my camera. you should have seen how rediculous we were. I was trying so hard not to laugh till I cried at the site of us running to the couch to get into position. LOL

We had family and friends over to help us celebrate – we had so much fun and are so grateful for such a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ryan sets a mean table as well!

~love Rochelle

Early Thanksgiving

We had an early Thanksgiving at my Sister-In-Laws in Fernley, NV just outside of Reno. Going over the hill was scary – we drove right through a crazy blizzard! I have never been in an actual snow storm! We made it alive!

It was really great to see Lisa and Russ! We always have a good time! Ryan said the Wal-Mart in Fernley is awesome.They went to check out some guns and stuff.

Lisa and I stayed home to keep warm and watch some TV  while the boys went to shoot a little and do some 4wheelin’. It was a true “red-neck” thanksgiving. When they boys got back we had some drinks, ate some dinner and played rock band till the wee hours of the night. Fun was had by all!

Thursday I will be cooking with the help of my brother in law, sister in law, and some dear friends of ours. The kids are really looking forward to seeing their cousins. Maybe we will even be blessed with a visit from our nephew here on break from the Marines.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

~love Rochelle

Catch up…

We had a lot of fun boo-ing our friends and neighbors! Dad drove, I navigated and the boys did the dinging and the ditching…

We took a drive to Santa Cruz on Sunday! We had a lot of fun. The weather was perfect, unfortunately the ocean was contaminated and the boys were bummed. No body surfing for them!

Happy Halloween! Jacob is still in elementary school so they had their traditional Halloween Parade, so many cute costumes!

Jacob was Freddy Kruger and Jeremy was Wilfred…Cute! We got lots of trick or treaters this year! Last year we got one…
Well you are all caught up!
~Love The Heinz Family


Jacob is loving lacrosse. He loves it even more now that they have put him in as goalie! He is still learning but we are happy that he has finally found a sport he loves. It is a fairly short season so his last game is the 15th of May. He is super bummed, but excited about the end of season party!  We definitely cannot wait until next season – it is one of our new favorite sports!


Jeremy had a great wrestling season. I don’t know that he will want to do it again next year, he is a little burnt out on it right now. He won second place in the last meet of the season and even got a metal (which he refused to pose with) but I did get to snap this picture of Proud Dad with even Prouder Son!

The following day he was sick so he missed out on finals, but if he likes it and wants to continue there is always next year.

I must say as a side note that wrestling is not a favorite sport for us, if you have never been to a meet it is in all day event! Usually in a packed arena with no place to sit and it smells like boys dirty socks! Ewww!

Baseball is still in session so look for more Sports with Jeremy soon.

All our love…

Jeremy’s First Wrestling Meet

Up at 6 am on a Sunday…Off to Escalon, CA at 7:15 am and sign ins for Jeremy’s first wrestling meet 8:15 am.

We had a lot of fun Jeremy warmed up with his team before hitting the mat for his two matches. The first one was not a win, but he did amazing for this being his first meet against kids who have been wrestling for years. His coach was impressed at his skill and how well he kept up. His second match went so well we were bummed he didn’t have a third!

Uncle Danny and Aunt Jana brought Mr. Ayden to watch.

Jeremy loved all the good advise given by his aunt and uncle!

Can’t wait for the next meet!

After wrestling we headed home for dinner with the fam! Put the kiddos to bed and watched the Last Excorsism – It was lame! It was filmed Blair Witch style and cut the ending short…Booo!

It was a nice evening though…And Now Back to MONDAY Madness!

All our love…


Dippin’ Dots

The boys got a Dippin’ Dot maker for Christmas and guess what we made yesterday – yup Dippin Dots! Definitely not as creamy as the original but the boys loved it!

Today we said good-bye to the Christmas tree and all the decorations that come along with it until December 2011! We are fresh and ready for the New Year. Back to school bright and early for the boys tomorrow morning and on the 18th for me.

Ryan is doing the Harvard Business program that is offered by his company – we are committed to learning in 2011!